The Executive

Guess who hasn’t been to the dentist, in *gulp* years? Guilty. I’ve remedied that over the past month with a checkup and exam and then today? A cleaning. I was expecting intense white-knuckled pain, but the ┬áhygienist was delicate and kind. Now I have to find a way to make one of those electric toothbrush […]

OTR Gateway Summer Celebration

The 2nd Annual Over the Rhine / Gateway Summer Celebration was a blast this year. We set up to hawk tees (including this new one a bit before Apple showed off their new video-calling thing). There was excellent food, lemonade, music, beer and good chunks of sunlight. And obviously I can’t break myself away from […]

The complex yet completely understandable cherry picker control panel


That time of year for a CT scan. Actually, it takes a couple scans spread out over a week to do it all. Otherwise I would have supernatural powers from the radiation.