Cincinnati Bockfest 2016

Went downtown to catch Cincinnati’s celebration of Over-the-Rhine’s brewing heritage, bock beer, and the coming of Spring. Also goats. Realized I need to get quicker on my feet when it comes to parade photography: Lots more Bockfest photos, many blurry.


In all my years, I never made it to a Bockfest parade. It has something to do with celebrating goats and beer or something. I must admit, it’s quite the jovial affair, even with chilly weather. Closed out the evening catching Joe Rogan do a bit of standup. Funny guy.

Events leading up to Bockfest

Some mornings you wake up and wonder about the photos on your camera. This was one of those nights. In fact, I didn’t even snap this image. It was a Sausage Queen preliminary round at the C&D in Northside to see who would compete and try to lead the Bockfest parade coming up. I believe […]