Shared birthdays

Here’s me and Richard, we’ve known each other 15 years but it truly feels like we’ve been friends a lifetime. We share a birthday on December 20th and were lucky to spend it bending elbows with friends and having some really tasty mini-bundt cakes. In the flurry of the holidays, it’s wonderful to have these […]


Birthday brunch for my brother at ThreeSixty—or what I used to know as the Revolving Restaurant back when I was there for Prom… in 1990. Friends have asked me how the food was and I’ll say this: It’s not cheap (but there are coupons floating around) and I think the view is worth it. The […]


I didn’t actually eat this birthday cake on the actual day, but that’s because there was already too much good food (and a homemade snowball cake from my brother) on the 20th. What makes this one awesome is that my mom bought it at Graeter’s and apparently they no longer write names on cakes. So […]

Tom got older

And his youngest helped make this delicious looking (albeit gluten free) chocolate cake.

Cathy’s Birthday

Korean dinner

Celebrating Joseph’s birthday with some Doldot Bibim Bab at Riverside Korean.


I’ve lost track how many years I’ve known Ray. I’m going to say a decade. We’d bantered virtually and crossed paths years later. I’ve always loved his work and perspective. When his 50th birthday approached, he asked 50 folks to create art based on this Fisher Price inspired figure that he’s used as a visual statement through […]

Joe’s Haute Dog Birthday Celebration

Joe requested friends bring a special recipe hot dog with all the fixins to help celebrate his birthday. Angie and John provided the awesome setting, and I let go of any artificial diet restrictions I place on myself and sampled everything (at least once). Plus also? Vodka infused gummy bears. I had no idea these were […]

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