On that Aziz Ansari show (Master of None) they mention an app idea called “Trazam”. A Shazam for trees. Point your phone at a tree to identify it. There are similar apps available now: For flowers and butterflies and another that specializes in Plants in a few different regions. I’m looking forward to finding one […]

The bush outside the Co-Op

Tom and I find ourselves at the Co-Op a few times a week. This bush is outside.

A hat tip to Andy Goldsworthy

While I was out in California a friend introduced me proper to the work of Andy Goldsworthy with a viewing of Rivers and Tides. (Amazon DVD or a bargain on iTunes – sadly in standard definition) Now I’d come across his work before, but I’m always keen on process. I quite enjoyed seeing his act of […]

Christmas Day

Dear Album that I update much delayed, Yes, I made a photo every day in 2009… I just haven’t gotten to posting them. I’m on it! This one? I got up early on Christmas Day because I didn’t like the horizontal image I had selected as a framed gift for my mom. And though this […]