Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

In all my visits to St. Louis, I’ve never been to the place that makes one of my favorite beers: Budweiser. That is, until this day. Renard the fox, mascot for Budweiser’s prohibition “near beer” malt beverage called  Bevo. How stay-tabs are made. Ended the whole she-bang with some cold ones.

Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

Watched the game catching up with my friends Jodi and Nick. And though I keep taking casual pictures of the pair, I never review properly and don’t notice the shots are too blurry until I get home. I’m blaming the beer.

Memorial Day

Spent Memorial Day around a pool with friends, raising our cups to those who served. Sure it wasn’t a parade, but it seemed pretty darn American with all that Miller Lite. I’m probably starting to look like a lush.

Beer Friday

RGB, CMYK tattoos. (Left: Russ Maschmeyer, Right: Jessica Hische) Pinky sits obediently. “Mobile Homes” John Ford rocks this shirt better than I do. (I’d also like to mention, this is my favorite shirt at the moment) These Brooklyn fellas have good taste in beer. Because this dog is so adorable, she gets two photos. After […]

drinking slowly

Tom told his brother that I was a bit obsessed with New Belgium brews, which you can’t buy in these parts. On his way up for the holidays Jeff brought up a few cases for me and my gratitude is great. Extremely great. Thank ya Jeff. You’ve made a grown man happy.

Cincinnati Cyclones vs Toledo Walleye

quarters on the lawn

St. Patrick’s Day. Students of Miami University in Oxford Ohio bring Quarters Tournaments outside.

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