Hadn’t been to the cigar tasting at the Beer Sellar for a long, long time. Finally got back and now my coat smells like a humidor. I could find out when I was here last if I fill in those blank six months of 2011’s album. This gap of posting has been on my mind, but […]


This day was largely noted for being a Wednesday, that means I go out for a beer over in Kentucky. Not at a gas station, but 701 Bar over off Mainstrasse. Not sure if you have these beer caves in your neck of the woods. Essentially they are big refrigerators you can go in to […]

North Peak Brewing Co.

Visited with friends over at Anne and John’s. While everyone’s kids ran around (they’re getting more and more independent these days), we kicked back with some brews and caught up. John not only went across state lines to have Fat Tire, but he had a few other beers coolin in the fridge. Fell in love […]


Cork N Bottle parking lot — Covington, KY. Picked up some Red Seal Ale. Damn it’s tasty.

Nature’s cooler

I keep catching myself staring at the woods thinking, I grew up in a place like this. I really really like it. Why is it that I feel so much more appreciative now? Maybe I’m becoming sensitive to the noise. With the extra channels on the tv. Piles of information tailored to push buttons. The […]

A dog walks into a bar

Happy Hour at Milton’s Tavern, Prospect Hill

Ha Long Bay


Spent the holiday weekend up in the hills of West Virginia camping at Roseland. First time at this place and enjoyed the heck out of it. Above, a tiny snapshot of our campsite featuring Yeungling beer, and Ernie on a towel.

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