I’ve know this guy for years. Maybe even a decade (I’m not good at that sort of math.) And on this day I finally met him, his wife Sheri and a bunch of friends celebrating his birthday. If I ever get down on the internet, there are moments like this to remind me that there […]

A hike and then some

Hiked through Parker’s Woods then grabbed a brew and some food at Mayday. Made for a solid Saturday. (Bad focus)

We made beer

Went up to North High Brewing in Columbus to bottle some beer made a few weeks back. We made a red rye with clove and a straight up porter. Both turned out exceptionally well. I’d highly recommend the experience if you’re interested in the brewing process. Better yet? For some party you’re planning in the […]

Things Liven up…

Yeah I posted this beer mural three years ago, but I like this shot more. Maybe we do get better as we age. Or, it’s all about seeing things in a better light.

Happy hour

A sunny happy hour to close out the week. Crossed paths earlier in the day with Brian from Steam Whistle. Made a mental note to stop in sometime. Skelton the dog contemplates life, who played that song on the jukebox, and if anyone has a snack.

Neon wiener

Friends converged from upstate and downstate for the evening, so we went out for a beer. Even on a Monday night, San Francisco can pack a bar.


Events leading up to Bockfest

Some mornings you wake up and wonder about the photos on your camera. This was one of those nights. In fact, I didn’t even snap this image. It was a Sausage Queen preliminary round at the C&D in Northside to see who would compete and try to lead the Bockfest parade coming up. I believe […]

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