More paper makin’

Mom broke out the paper making setup for her friend Gayle. The weather was cooperative, but unfortunately the table was persnickety. There were injures, but also lots of paper made.


This has been the summer of mild temperatures and a solid amount of rain, sometimes torrential, as evidenced by our broken patio gutter that could use an endcap and… heck, it just needs replaced.


snapshot gone wrong

So my friend Jenn was in town and I wanted to take a snapshot. I suggested the hammock as a backdrop and things went down from there. The good news is that no one was harmed, and for me? This pretty much captures the jubilant nature of Jenn.

I’m told we’re going to regret the mint

Unless we plant it in a pot and contain the spreading.

how the ferns have grown

19 days ago, these ferns were just peeking out of the ground. Amazing how quickly they grow.

the ferns unfurl


So happy to get the chairs, cushions and lights back out for spring. It feels official now. In other commentary, this image reminds me that either the barstools need to go, or they need a real bar to pony up to…