Living Room

Let’s try this “before and after” plugin… My fireplace is now hooked up. Hat tip to Bromwell’s. Now my living room feels complete. Another tip of the hat to John Senhauser Architects for transforming the building.

Me & Edie

I struggle with the temperature of light bulbs and blowing out detail. I overcompensated here, favoring white light over the warmth of incandescent bulbs, and the sky suffers with a cool blue cast. But frankly? I’m more interested in keeping the momentum of updating this long neglected journal. Also? This photo taken by my friend Brown before […]

NES, mess

Best. Interface. Ever. In other news, I made a mess of my place, tearing into old boxes of memories and trying to document as much as I could.

I need a category for boring


Folks sometimes wonder when meeting me, “Where do you live?” They see glimpses of our studio, or snapshots from all over tarnation, and a big heaping of the midwest. It gets confusing. I live in Cincinnati. (In fact, I’ve been in Ohio my entire life.) Moved to this joint a little over a year ago […]

Yoga mat

You can barely see the yoga mat as it blends in so darn well with the floors of my flat. A big super-appreciative tip of the hat to my friend Jennifer for sending along this gift. Every time I salute the sun (or moon) I shall think of her.

Keeping the AC off

I’m steeling myself, getting ready for a trip to Southeast Asia. To get in the mindset, I’ve been leaving the AC off in the apartment and learning to appreciate the unfiltered heat.

telecommutin’ Friday

I close out each week working from home. This is my desk.

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