The Journal of Popular Noise, Vol. 1

Exemplary 3 record set design. The 45’s are a little awkward, but the rest of the package is nice. I’ll have to ask Tom how the music is.


Friends in Dayton issued The Album Challenge to each other at the end of 2010: It was simple: Make music. They have until the beginning to May to put an album together. April 1st (no joke) was check-in for everybody to get together and share progress of their songs. They asked me a few days […]

the old facebook

Ask for Janice

“…the best in men’s clothing. Call Paul’s Boutique and ask for Janice and the number is (718) 498-1043. That’s Paul’s Boutique and they’re in Brooklyn.” 20 years later, and I still love this album. Love as in: top-ten-if-trapped-on-a-desert-island love. My first copy was on cassette. I’ve been through 2 CDs since. Just got the vinyl.