Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reaction when I heard there was another Jumanji movie: Whaat? Why?

But it was a day off and it was cold outside—4 degrees to be precise.

The movie turned out to be an absolute blast. I had to catch my breath from laughing more than once.

At the end of it all I felt like I just saw a spiritual successor to The Breakfast Club and not a third installment in the Jumanji franchise.


Semi-related: My favorite book by the author of the original Jumangi (Chris Van Allsburg) is The Z was Zapped.

It was one of the things that informed my love of type: Glimpses inside the book.

The Last Jedi

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Had some time to fill before watching The Last Jedi (for the second time) so wandered through a bookstore. I’ve got a big stack of books I need to read but I did find their ultra-tiny vinyl section dense with potential. Grabbed a magazine with Mediterranean diet recipes and a Prince CD of all things and made our way to the theater.

*Slight spoiler ahead*

Back to the Star War, “My initial thought of the movie was a bit blank, but like an album that grows on you or a Polaroid picture that develops slowly, I think it’ll end up being a favorite. There was much good in it.

It stuck in my craw and I wanted a second viewing, if anything to counteract all the negativity.

Yoda sums up the theme of the episode, “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

Yes, yes it is.

In fact, absolutely everything valuable to me (experiences, skills, relationships and my entire world view) all began as experiments and failure.

And it never ended! There are still little failures all. the. time. every. single. day.

I figure if I don’t topple over by these blips, if I just recover faster from being off-balance, I can attain more experiences of value and truly enjoy them and be a better member of society.

So yeah, I liked this latest Star War. It was kooky, Luke was whiny, Leia was solid, there were weird creatures, moments of elation, and lots of spaceships. As a bonus it had a bit more nuance, a lot more diversity and I’m glad they went back to puppet Yoda and not CGI Yoda to deliver my favorite line.

Christmas Day 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Started the day with family and ended with friends playing some of that What Do You Meme, a card game in the vein of Cards Against Humanity, but maybe a bit more “blue“.

Best seat in the house that day? Lola under the Christmas dinner table getting snacks from everyone:

Couple more shots

Christmas Eve 2017

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Celebrated Christmas Eve with friends, old and very new.

A few more snapshots from the evening

A little bit of snow

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Not enough snow for my tastes, but for those 30 minutes or so? Gosh it was nice watching it fall outside a cafe.

Photographing Texting while driving

Friday, December 22, 2017

This was at a stoplight, but I can attest this texting was also happening while driving based on the swerving and erratic behavior of the driver.

Texting while driving is up there with the most unsafe activities happening these days: along with addiction, lack of universal healthcare and even income inequality.

Call me a snowflake. I’ll accept the moniker with every beat of my heart and think you’re a selfish horror for thinking as much.

Anyway, self-driving cars are coming. In the not too distant future we’ll simply hail our automated rides while texting and surfing to our merry hearts content at whatever size screen we prefer.

And I’ll keep buying manual transmission vehicles until the bitter end.

Carwash lunch

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mom and I ate lunch while going through the car wash. Then we bought Christmas decorations and ingredients for the holiday meal.

Good times.

Shared birthdays

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Here’s me and Richard, we’ve known each other 15 years but it truly feels like we’ve been friends a lifetime. We share a birthday on December 20th and were lucky to spend it bending elbows with friends and having some really tasty mini-bundt cakes.

In the flurry of the holidays, it’s wonderful to have these moments take place.

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