Maury’s Tiny Cove

Monday, November 3, 2014

Maury's Tiny Cove

On the west side there’s a little restaurant tucked away that is a well preserved time capsule to a different era. At Maury’s Tiny Cove the ambiance is likely just the same as it was sixty-five years ago, only the fashions have changed. On Monday nights you can get a helluva deal on a burger and fries and they are worth every single calorie.


Sunday, November 2, 2014


You can’t see it in this photo very well, but there are some intensely lit overpasses just north of downtown Columbus. Quite striking really.


Apple cake


So many good parts crammed in less than 48 hours.

  • Meeting friends’ new son, his grandma and great grandma
  • An inflatable bed that did not deflate overnight
  • Winning Scariest Halloween costume
  • The apple sheet pie pictured above
  • The red velvet donut from Paula’s donuts
  • Watching the football game on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my sister and her husband



Fear of clowns

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Successfully surprised my sister at her annual Halloween party. She loves Halloween like no other holiday and has a get together with required costumes each year. I’d been holding back on posting pictures of my clown get-up to add to the element of surprise leading up to the day. My friends Erik and Joe were in Buffalo visiting family and agreed to go as accomplices and elevate the creepy factor.

Got to the party. Knocked on the door. My sister pretty much walks backward briskly to be as far away from us as possible, eyes wide, a bit quiet…

I tore off the mask (though I had makeup on underneath) and said, “It’s your brother!” and when that finally settled in she begrudgingly gave me a hug.

Definitely a Halloween to remember.

The fine print

Friday, October 31, 2014


Spent a good chunk of this last day of October in a car, driving to Buffalo with two goals: Surprise my sister at her annual Halloween party, and see my friends visiting from California.

I suspected leaves would have dropped by now, but was surprised to find the fall colors exceptionally vibrant along the highway as I sped North.

I’m reminded that I love driving. The Rabbit is holding up nicely, with almost 170,000 miles she purrs along without much despair. The cloth interior has held up well, and I seldom complain there is no sunroof.


Legally Blonde

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Birthday dinner for a friend, then over to CCM to catch a performance of Legally Blonde. I was once one of those people that poo-poo’d musical adaptations of 80’s movies, but three songs into this and I have now changed my mind.

Super enjoyable sweet silly fun.

Hat tip to Joseph for helping make it happen. (And what I would assume was excellent playing down in the pit that was almost entirely covered and somewhat muffled.)




  • Dogs on stage. Every production would benefit from adorable animals.
  • Seeing the models of sets from previous stage productions out in the lobby.

Familiar signs

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Buckeye Donuts

Went up to Columbus to have lunch with Ray & Sheila, my baseball loving friends who are in the thick of Kickstarting a pretty nifty thing that keeps your earbud cables tidy. I’ll keep pimping it out until the level unlocks with the color I want.

Always nostalgic going back up to the city of my alma mater.

Reminded to visit an entire week so I can see all my friends and revisit old haunts.

Thing is? Everything has changed So Very Much.

Some of the development feels like ‘modern strip mall’ while other bits are solid architecturally or faithful restorations.

I suppose it is like this everywhere.

And while jarring to see the cumulative effect of development over the years, it’s comforting to see old familiar signs remain.

I should also remind myself, some of the stuff that’s gone? It was crap before and not to be missed.

Goody Boy


Popped in Tigertree. I can’t leave that store without smiling, with a bag full of gifts.


This Volvo 1800 ES has been filed into my book of dream cars.


I’m dedicating a chunk of fat to Tom for introducing me to Buckeye Macaroons from Pistacia Vera. Sidenote: German Village was in full fall splendor.


This tree on I-75 gets me every time. (It’s just north of the outlet malls on the southbound side of the highway.)

Paul McCartney

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paul McCartney Louisville

Highlights of seeing Paul McCartney live:

  • The songs. Man, talk about a catalog. It had to be hard just to cull a set list for this tour. Growing up I’d listen to my sister’s records of RevolverSgt. Pepper and The White Album, never thinking that I’d hear “Eleanor Rigby” or “Blackbird” performed live.
  • The music. Not just great songs, but great songs performed extremely well. Everyone on the stage brought their A game, and even though the strings and horn sections were synth, the man on keyboard used a wind controller to make it sound a bit more natural.
  • The stories. Paul took time between songs to share inspiration about the music or experiences around creation or touring. He was very much aware the audience and our attention (even bringing up crowd facing lights at the end of each song.)
  • The energy. I hope to have just a fraction of Paul McCartney’s energy when I’m 72. The first set lasted over 2 hours, and he never took a break. Every 5th song or so he would carry solo or start on piano, guitar or ukulele. It truly felt like this is what this man was on earth to do: write songs and play them. Reminds me of an article I read this week about  Old masters at the top of their game.
  • Lasers. There were even pyrotechnics during “Live and Let Die” that gave me a start. All the staging was a joy to watch, even if some of the animations were strange.

Overall? I’m super glad I went. Hat tip to my partner Tom for alerting me it was going down and making it happen.

Bonus? If you’re ever through Louisville, have a meal at Harvest. Get the jalapeño bacon grits.


Paul McCartney Louisville Blackbird

Paul McCartney Louisville lasers

Paul McCartney Louisville lights

Paul McCartney Louisville Live and Let Die


Monday, October 27, 2014


Worth the trip: The tap room at Mad Tree Brewing.

Went last night for the release of their Thundersnow beer and enjoyed samples from their soon to open kitchen. The seasonal beer is rich—they say with ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and hints of cinnamon. Beer recipes are like horoscopes with me… You could say there are bay leaves and essence of strawberry Quik in there and I’d believe you.

I’m just gullible. The beer was excellent.

(But if you do go, try the bourbon barrel aged variant. It was extra tasty.)

Bonus: Seeing the canning process in action.

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