One last push

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Admittedly, another view inside my apartment isn’t very exciting. But this is where I spent the day putting final touches on future work for clients that should ease things along. Luckily everything my cat needs is automated, from feeding to playtime. (Kidding, I let her sit on my lap when I’m working.)

Another angle of the Depot

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Took a quick tour of construction at the Depot. Brought along that rented Leica camera and dang if it requires absolutely no post color-corrections to get a solid shot.

Wandering OTR

Friday, April 1, 2016

Looking Good mural

Dig this Higher Level “Lookin Good” mural on the Know Theatre.

Gomez Salsa

Spied friends hovering around Gomez Salsas.

Jason Snell Strongman

Speaking of murals, solid light on the WHBV Strongman—fitting after having just toured their new space.


Rounded out the evening with a finely mixed cocktail at Japps mixed by the one and only Molly Wellmann.

We Have Become Vikings

We Have Become Vikings door

We Have Become Vikings has a new home and it opened to the public this day.

Combining the forces of Jason Snell and Brandon Hickle, their new digs in Over the Rhine comes complete with screen-printing, a storefront and space for making and thinking. Pretty kick ass.

Also? Patches.

We Have Become Vikings patch

We Have Become Vikings evil

We Have Become Vikings hat

We Have Become Vikings breeders

We Have Become Vikings press

We Have Become Vikings judas

A virtual Garage Sale


April 1st was my last day at the studio proper—at least for a while. Tom and I had lots of goals before I shifted gears. One was to get old stock up online in mystery bundles and a Garage Sale of sorts. So we spent the week photographing classic shirts and plugged ’em into the system and priced everything to move! We put everything else on sale to celebrate Spring.

Pacer t-shirt

Got everything done and then Tom plugged in a guitar to close out the day with power chords.

Tom rocks

Renting a camera

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I read a review of the Leica Q camera by Craid Mod and wondered what it would be like to try one. I’d been to the store in San Francisco but they were out of stock.

Turns out? You can rent cameras. So I did. (And LensRentals was an excellent service for that task.)

The camera? It’s pretty darn dreamy. Even in all automatic mode it does wonders.

Took me a while to figure out how to control aperture. After digging through all of the electronic menus I took a hard look at the lens to find it was a simple, mechanical control dial.

Only spent a week with this rig—and it was very hard to ship back—but I’m super glad to have scratched that itch. I need to do this with other technology to kick the tires.

Tom was my first subject, but naturally I had to take a selfie and a photo of my cat.

Pow Wow for the People

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Kind of a precursor to the Fellowship was day listening to other folks that get projects off the ground down at People’s Liberty. Billed as a Pow Wow for the People, they brought together grantees, investors, community folks and then some.

If my notes (zoom) above are any indication, you can sense it was good fodder for the brain. So many ideas flowing, story sharing and critiques. Solid stuff. Already helping me wrap my head around what I hope to get rolling.


Tangentially related, I dig the plainspoken introduction to the organization on the door outside:




So here’s how it works: If an item you want is eligible on Amazon, they’ll let you know if it’s available for same day pickup at their new location in Cincinnati (Clifton to be exact).

Once it arrives you get a message, click the link, a locker with your item opens.

That’s pretty neat, but I struggle: is Amazon the new Walmart, displacing more local businesses? I hope something meta comes of this experiment, and many other retailers will hop on the train. Imagine a site that searches all local small businesses and lets you know where you can do just that.

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