Edie has a problem

Monday, September 17, 2018

Edith has taken to, um, licking and biting her nipples beyond healthy measures.

There’s no easy way to put it.

The vet said to put Neosporin on the area(s) but it’s not working.

She’ll give me stink eye for it and then run off to an area far from scorn and clean it all off.

In this case? From the safety of the loft above.

Next up? A cone of shame.

My word she’s going to really dislike this new option.

Bathroom shelves

In a recent purge I found a bankers box full of toiletries tucked away in the back of the closet, unearthing enough bars of soap, bottles of shampoo, conditioner and cotton swabs for a decade or so.

Setting everything around the bathtub irked me so I found these shelves and now I feel better about all that.

A slice of time with Zan

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Unstructured time spent with a friend is so nice.

Pendleton Mapped

Wheeling around Pendleton on Sunday morning. The area is changing so fast. Some of it? Not so pretty. Most of it? Quite nice.

I’ve always enjoyed this mural by Barbara & David Day, “Pendleton Mapped,” which tells the the 200-year story of the neighborhood.

Photowalk: North Avondale

Saturday, September 15, 2018

A photowalk through North Avondale led by Dan Becker. So many beautiful houses in a neighborhood I’ve never really explored. I really dig being a tourist in my own city.

Lots more photos on the PhotoCorps site.

Misc LA

A few images from the last day that didn’t fit with the others.

Union Station

Friday, September 14, 2018

Over dinner the previous evening I learned that many movies were filmed in Union Station. Blade Runner was all I needed to hear.

My whirlwind trip wrapped up with a bus from this transit hub to the airport, so I woke up early to get there early and walk around.

Some areas were blocked off sadly, but I got the vibe. Lovely art deco details. Reminded me a bit of our Union Terminal in Cincinnati that opened 6 years prior.

Next time? I hope to hit more Blade Runner locations, including the Bradbury Building.

Reid & Richard

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cursory searches reveal I’ve known Reid and Richard since about May 2005, thanks to the early days of online journaling.

Back when the internet was less… algorithmic.

In all these years we’d never crossed paths and that was a shame. They were my first Facetime call, we send real-life packages back and forth from time to time, and Reid even did a portrait of me and Edie a few years back.

So after work duties for the day completed, they picked me up and we were off to Little Tokyo for Japanese curry.

The evening was a delight but like many things, it was all too brief.

I’m reminded, sharing things on the internet can lead to meeting genuinely solid folks from all over.

We’ll find our way around the algorithms.

(Photo by Reid, testing out my camera)