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Friday, April 1, 2016

Looking Good mural

Dig this Higher Level “Lookin Good” mural on the Know Theatre.

Gomez Salsa

Spied friends hovering around Gomez Salsas.

Jason Snell Strongman

Speaking of murals, solid light on the WHBV Strongman—fitting after having just toured their new space.


Rounded out the evening with a finely mixed cocktail at Japps mixed by the one and only Molly Wellmann.

We Have Become Vikings

We Have Become Vikings door

We Have Become Vikings has a new home and it opened to the public this day.

Combining the forces of Jason Snell and Brandon Hickle, their new digs in Over the Rhine comes complete with screen-printing, a storefront and space for making and thinking. Pretty kick ass.

Also? Patches.

We Have Become Vikings patch

We Have Become Vikings evil

We Have Become Vikings hat

We Have Become Vikings breeders

We Have Become Vikings press

We Have Become Vikings judas

A virtual Garage Sale


April 1st was my last day at the studio proper—at least for a while. Tom and I had lots of goals before I shifted gears. One was to get old stock up online in mystery bundles and a Garage Sale of sorts. So we spent the week photographing classic shirts and plugged ’em into the system and priced everything to move! We put everything else on sale to celebrate Spring.

Pacer t-shirt

Got everything done and then Tom plugged in a guitar to close out the day with power chords.

Tom rocks

Renting a camera

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I read a review of the Leica Q camera by Craid Mod and wondered what it would be like to try one. I’d been to the store in San Francisco but they were out of stock.

Turns out? You can rent cameras. So I did. (And LensRentals was an excellent service for that task.)

The camera? It’s pretty darn dreamy. Even in all automatic mode it does wonders.

Took me a while to figure out how to control aperture. After digging through all of the electronic menus I took a hard look at the lens to find it was a simple, mechanical control dial.

Only spent a week with this rig—and it was very hard to ship back—but I’m super glad to have scratched that itch. I need to do this with other technology to kick the tires.

Tom was my first subject, but naturally I had to take a selfie and a photo of my cat.

Pow Wow for the People

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Kind of a precursor to the Fellowship was day listening to other folks that get projects off the ground down at People’s Liberty. Billed as a Pow Wow for the People, they brought together grantees, investors, community folks and then some.

If my notes (zoom) above are any indication, you can sense it was good fodder for the brain. So many ideas flowing, story sharing and critiques. Solid stuff. Already helping me wrap my head around what I hope to get rolling.


Tangentially related, I dig the plainspoken introduction to the organization on the door outside:




So here’s how it works: If an item you want is eligible on Amazon, they’ll let you know if it’s available for same day pickup at their new location in Cincinnati (Clifton to be exact).

Once it arrives you get a message, click the link, a locker with your item opens.

That’s pretty neat, but I struggle: is Amazon the new Walmart, displacing more local businesses? I hope something meta comes of this experiment, and many other retailers will hop on the train. Imagine a site that searches all local small businesses and lets you know where you can do just that.

Reflecting on the future

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chris Glass

I had grand ideas to write a big entry about what is about to happen, but there was SO MUCH TO SAY that I didn’t know where to begin. But it’s happening and I want to pour out as much as I can.

The Haile Fellowship

So I applied for a Fellowship through People’s Liberty in February. They’re an… experiment to invest in people (not non-profits) to make Cincinnati even better. It’s a terribly innovative approach to philanthropy and I love what they’ve accomplished their first year: Funding two Fellowships, a ton of project grants and developing an exhibition space. I even got to hang out for a week with their residents and we made a poster.

I know them. They’re good people and what they’re doing has resonance that affects the city I call home.

When they announced this year-long civic sabbatical as a way to “Change your story. Change the city.”, my ears perked and gears started turning.

I’ve been taking daily photos (admittedly, I don’t post them all) for over 10 years and it is one of the “projects” I enjoy most. Largely because it’s nice to reflect on the day, but I’ve also started to see patterns in life: the bright spots, and dull ones, the seasons, the moments that elate a little bit more and stick.

But I also saw what wasn’t there… These snapshots are a bit… myopic. I’m shy to take photos of people. I wanted more meaning, more diverse subject matter (aside from my cat Edie, cars and trees). And I didn’t go to school for photography, there are deficits in composition and general technique.

I imagined a project where I could dedicate myself to getting better, share the experience and package it up as a way for others to do the same.

If I can motivate one post that isn’t about politics, famous people or what you can do with a can of refrigerated biscuits in 30 seconds, then I’ll consider it a success.

So that starts Monday.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know how it will play out exactly, but I have some legs to provide a framework, a strong team of advisors to help refine the idea and the solid folks at People’s Liberty to remind me what good is. Frankly all the unknowns are terribly exciting.

I’ll talk more about specifics before long, but there are some other dangling bits I should address:

Don’t you do design work?

I’ve been consulting in one form or another since 1998, starting with website development and growing into all forms of design from identity, print, video, event and application design.

I’ve been developing a plan and dedicating new resources for clients to carry them into the foreseeable future. It’s been a pretty intense month since the announcement to get everything in place, but it’s been chock full of sturdy work that should hold up well. (Once I wrap up this post there are a few last important bits to tackle!)

What about Wire & Twine?!

Lots of good things are in the works for Wire & Twine. While I’m away from the studio, Tom will continue to helm operations.

We know we’re overdue for new products, but we’ve been shoring up wholesale processes. You can now find a selection of our goods at MiCA, Park + Vine, Joseph Beth, Shake It RecordsDuBois Bookstore and MOON Co-Op. (Have a retail location in mind? Drop Tom a line!)

2016 is also a big transition for our little studio, as we pack up the press and move to the new Pixels & Ink depot building in Northside later this year. With an expanded darkroom, the aforementioned screen-printing equipment, room for events and most excitedly–a coworking space for creative folks.

Construction is well underway of this historic building. Sign up for updates if you’d like to get notified with information about the space. I’m looking forward to calling it home in the future.

Here’s a photo of the glorious structure with Tom for scale:


So that’s it in a nutshell.

Exciting. Everything.


Monday, March 28, 2016


MasterCard has evolved their logo over the years, but for my money? This Master Charge card was the epitome. I couldn’t find a good photo online so I bought an old one on eBay to document. For giggles I added my name.

I wasn’t old enough for credit in the late seventies, but somehow I remember these referred to as charge-a-plates and plastic.

Bonus link: The Museum of Department Store Credit Cards

Update July 2016: Yay! (Well, maybe not the type)

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