The price of gas

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Far from good, this photo meant something in the context of days…
See, during my presentation, I talked about why I started taking photos each day.

I was at the gas pump on April 1, 2003, thinking about some weird tick I have;
one where I like the numbers of my sale to NOT MATCH. It’s weird, I know.

Anyway, I snapped a photo back then to remind myself of sharing the superstition.

That simple action of taking a photo to remember the day stuck.
It was easy.

Sure it’s nice to add all these words, but for me, all I need to see is that
one photo to remember where I was, who I spent time with and what went down.

One might call it a photo journal, and I’m fine with that.
If that means a journal is a way to capture the moment, reflect on life, and relive the good parts,
I’m cool with that.

That talk thing

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back in March I mentioned I’d be giving my first talk up in Dayton. That bar graph above is one slide from a deck of seventy. I won’t lie, getting a coherent story together nearly gave me a heart attack. It wasn’t until the last 36 hours that it made sense.

In a nutshell, I talked about how I started with photography and why I still do it today, with lots of insight and examples crammed in there for color.

Yep, I’ll share the contents online at some point, but I want to iron out a few wrinkles and make it extra pretty.

As for standing up in front of folks and holding a microphone? I need practice. Lots of it. But it helped that when I looked out at the small crowd up at the South Park Tavern, I saw lots of familiar faces. Thank you to those that drove all the way up from Kentucky and Columbus and Oxford and other places. Really meant the world to me.

After I was done, gulped down a beer to get rid of the shaky legs and enjoyed the big ticket entertainment for the night. (more photos!)

(Thank you Kelley and Mike for pushing me to do something like this!)

The picture I took while sweating on the little stage.

Lots more photos from the night

Used pillows next to the dumpster

Monday, April 25, 2011

I get it, you’re moving or trying to just pare down.
Instead of tossing this stuff into the dumpster you artfully arrange it around the dumpster.
I’m totally with you.

Certainly someone will want the board games. They weren’t cheap ones.
You could rub a Bounce sheet on that scarf and give it to an in-law.
Maybe unpair the train photo and frame and find something more appropriate for each.
Some wall might be begging for the yellow / orange / pantyhose hued crater art.

And though the pillows do look to be in unsoiled condition, for goodness sake,
put them on top of the games.

But I see the logic… You wouldn’t see the games if the pillows were on top,
and who wants used pillows next to the dumpster?

Left Chicago early that day

The thing about the internet is that you don’t really need to schedule time on your trip to hit up
The Magnificent Mile when you’re in Chicago anymore. We have Crate & Barrel in our suburbs
and UPS at our doorstep.

I’m remiss that we didn’t hit up Wishbone for breakfast because if America runs on
Duncan Donuts breakfast sandwiches, we’re in a heap of hurt.

(Don’t get me wrong, I love their coffee and donuts.)

It was overcast on the way home, just like the way there, but we arrived safely from the whirlwind trip.



Almost forgot Easter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So before we hit the road for Chicago, I stopped in Tom and Wendy’s house.
The girls had taken Easter into their own hands, with beautiful results.
Really, check out Wendy’s photos.


Arcade Fire & The National, Chicago

A trip to Chicago that lasted less than 24 hours.
Tickets to see Arcade Fire & The National at the University of Illinois Pavilion.

Admission: I’ve tried to grok Arcade Fire, and though I’ve liked their music,
I never played their albums over and over.

Heard they put on an excellent show, figured this would be a good opportunity.

And it was excellent. I’m now a fan.

They were energetic and engaging, sprawling across the stage, trading instruments and vocal duties.
It was pretty dang great and now I understand what all the fuss is about.

The National? They opened and even without the benefit of their own staging, they filled
up a set with excellent renditions of their songs. I knew every single thing they played with is rare
with me these days, so familiarity added immensely to the pleasure.

Behind this link, photos from the quick Chicago road trip

Goose, Target

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not sure why the geese like to hang out at Target so much around these parts. Previously…

Wendy makes killer birthday cakes

More photos over at Wendy’s site…

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