Monday, February 13, 2012

Been on a flower buying kick of late.
No holiday or rhyme or reason.
Avoided these mylar balloons.

Charley Harper: A Bird’s Eye View

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Think the World of Birds
commission for Cornell Lab of Ornithology    2005
( Final piece + initial sketch with cut paper and acrylic )

I Predict the Weather
gouache on board
for Look Magazine    January 1955
( Final layout + initial gouache painting )

The Fables: Jonah and the Whale
Silkscreen    ca. 1950

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I’m one of many enamored with the work of Charley Harper.
He’s firmly on my list of heroes and influencers.
I was thrilled that Todd Oldham worked with Charley on the huge and awesome monograph.

But a big part of my adoration and understanding was missing a crucial piece:
His approach to making.

I’m glad that Aaron Cowan (DAAP Galleries director) and Charley Harper Studio filled in
a good chunk of this process with the exhibition:

“Charley Harper: A Birds Eye View”

It was phenomenal.

His talent becomes even more evident when you see his sketches with cut paper
or the brush strokes of his work in gouache.

Even as a child, his graphic style and sense of composition and type were bang on.

As someone who likes to pull ink across the screen, a part of me wanted to see the steps between
finished paintings and subsequent prints, but I cannot rightly complain because the exhibit was
so concentrated with deft goodness.

The show completed last week, but I hope interest grows and this body of work gets shown again.

View more images from the exhibit

Another dud forecast

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This, after the forecasters (actually, just an app on my phone), said that we’d get accumulation.
Nothing really stuck, but I did enjoy a tiny bit of hyperspace effect from flurries when driving through Kentucky.

Events leading up to Bockfest

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some mornings you wake up and wonder about the photos on your camera.
This was one of those nights.

In fact, I didn’t even snap this image.

It was a Sausage Queen preliminary round at the C&D in Northside
to see who would compete and try to lead the Bockfest parade coming up.

I believe fun was had, and no one ended up in jail.
A phone was destroyed though, so it wasn’t all lollipops and rainbows.

Oh, and the subject of this photo asked that a blue dot be placed over their face.
I complied.

The post with a dog in a van that’s really about two movies

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mom is trying to catch all the Oscar nominated ‘Best Films’ and it’s a fairly subdued lot this year.
But it’s fun to watch movies so she came over for take out Indian food and we scratched two off the list:

“Midnight in Paris” Was a surprise. Thoroughly enjoyable and got the gears spinning how
I’d imagine my own midnights in whatever city I held in dreamy regard.

It’d probably be New York or the entire state of California.

“Tree of Life” I actually bought this movie on physical media, so it wasn’t the first time around the carousel.
I don’t buy many movies but I wanted to revisit this one like I would a fine meal and savor the good courses.
This means I’d fast forward through the Sean Penn bits.
Bless his heart.

My favorite passage? It’s when the mother says (voiceover) while she’s bonding with her sons:

“Help each other.
Love everyone.
Every leaf.
Every ray of light.

In need of color

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It’s at this point in the season when there’s a bit too much gray around and my eye gets hungry for color.

Sometimes you find it in the least likely of places.

Like say for instance, the trashcan at the studio.

In other related business, I am renaming this particular season “THE WINTER OF NO SNOW.”


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dad, Mom and me at Acadia National Park, 1989.

There is a pile of snapshots on the desk. They’re mostly photos of me that mom
put together for a surprise birthday party back in December to celebrate my 40th.

I need to get these photographs back to her, but I’m glad they were around today.

Today was dad’s birthday. He would have been 70.

I think about him often.

He’s there when a sweet old truck or car passes by.
Or a new gizmo comes out, and how he would have been giddy by sharing it.

I think about him when I put on a pair of suspenders,
or can’t contain a goofy grin.

When I look over at his Canon AE-1 and wonder about the places it went with us.
Like Hawaii or The World’s Fair or Cadillac Mountain in Maine (above).

He’s in the silver hairs taking over my beard,
and the furrow of my brow.

And on this day we would celebrate his birthday, I think about him even more.
But he’s always there, really.

I suppose our dads never really leave.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Catching up with things in the quiet hours of night.

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