One side of the fence

Friday, April 8, 2011

I had a whole post about politics that got me really hung up on this image.
In lieu of holding things up, I’m moving those words to another post and getting on with things!

Big truck at the gas pump + firetruck

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Someone told me they were tired of looking at salmon and I needed to update.

So, hi!

Things have been nutty busy of late, which is so much better than the opposite (that can get boring).
I have a ton of photos to post and I hope to knock out large chunks over the next few days.

Until then, here’s are some trucks I encountered on April 7th.

This last one was just a false alarm.

When healthy doesn’t hurt

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It’s supposed to be “Waffle Wednesday” at the farm, but who am I to complain when there’s salmon?
Meals like this make me feel like it’s okay to avoid the gym.

Sadly not pictured, off to the right? Some beautiful slaw Tom whipped up.

Insert Coin

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Typeface screening

Monday, April 4, 2011

AIGA Cincinnati had a screening of the film Typeface at the CAC.

The documentary about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum was heartbreaking and hopeful.

The movie takes a look inside the big factory up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin that is packed to the gills
with wood type and printing machines. Combine that with stories from former employees
and a group of folks that are trying to keep it alive and open for future generations.

It’s heavy, for sure, as technology shifts traditional methods of communication. But they end
on a high note as the museum gets a new sense of purpose, opening up the doors to workshops
and education. Check out the trailer here.

Me? I’m adding the museum as A Place To Visit.

(And Two Rivers, Wisconsin is home of the ice cream sundae, so there’s a little bonus for the roadtrip.)


Mower repair

The wind has been extremely gusty of late, maybe I’ve mentioned it before this season.
I really need to get a better kite to keep stashed in the trunk of my car.

In the meantime, the wheels on this tractor spun madly outside the mower repair shop in Millville.

A little Made in Ohio

Sunday, April 3, 2011

While snapping photos downtown I met up with this little guy and his mom and dad.
“Hey, I know that shirt! I made it!” I exclaimed.
“No way!” his parents replied, and said if we ever needed a model…
“Well how about now?” and the day just got all that much brighter.

A bit more spring

A pretty awesome brilliant Sunday.

Spent the day noodling around with friends, had breakfast at Tuckers, walked around Over the Rhine,
stopped by Doe Run Lake Park in Kentucky, enjoyed some deck time, tried a Four Loko (gross),
played with a Nintendo 3DS (the glasses-free 3D is impressive, needs games, but the camera is quite nifty).

All that and even a bit more.

10 additional photos from the day behind this link

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