It’s cold

It’s cold. Plus also? It snowed.

Evidence of precipitation

The light, a shot

The light is surreal, shifting between sun and rain. (And by surreal I mean, Photoshoppy.) In other news, I was overdue for a flu shot. They have these stubby needles now. “It’ll feel like a bee sting” she said. Which was a bad way to describe it as I’d rather have a needle jab than […]

A little bit of color left

Didn’t quite miss all the tones of autumn. But today felt like winter was soon approaching. Time to pack up the short sleeves.

Torrential rain

▲  After the rain. ▲  During the rain. ▲  At a point during my drive home, right before the hail started coming down and I decided to turn around and park in a mall garage to wait it out. ▲  Much earlier in the day, there was this Ford Tempo.

It is time for stormy weather

Couple views of sunset

Nice sunsets heading over in to Kentucky this evenin’.


The extent of the accumulation. I’ve started to really hunker down on recycling and I’ve stopped using aerosol hairspray altogether in hopes that we’ll have snow again one day. I’m also going to stop belaboring it now, promise.

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