The Photographer’s Playbook

While at the Leica Store I had a great conversation with a fellow named Alex. He recommended I peruse The Photographer’s Playbook, which collects over 300 ideas and assignments for photographers. Digging into it now.


I saved this coffee cup to document my annoyance. (Now that I’ve taken a photo, it can be recycled.) If Starbucks’ marketing department had anything to do with the success of their holiday cup “news” coverage, then kudos to them for gaming some system. (It’s actually a very nice design.) Related: Chris Hardwick’s least favorite word […]

Proud Buckeye

Also proud of the residents in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington who voted for equality of love and family.


I realize I’m lobbing barbs here, but my concern is that folks will begin to inhabit these parodies of personality in the real world for the sake of attention. That or some folks just have a media magnate wanting to be unleashed. I suppose the whole point of this is: I could watch this stuff […]

The price of gas

Far from good, this photo meant something in the context of days… See, during my presentation, I talked about why I started taking photos each day. I was at the gas pump on April 1, 2003, thinking about some weird tick I have; one where I like the numbers of my sale to NOT MATCH. […]

This one doesn’t really work well “in bed”

Fortune cookies, like buffet food, are such a crapshoot. At some point I either started realizing fortunes were usually just statements, or perhaps quality has slipped over the years. I can’t say which, I just notice it now. Tangent: Not sure I’ve mentioned that I have this weird thing where I must eat the entire […]


Someone dear to me received this anniversary medallion, commemorating two years sober. I feel like I understood the weight but it became clear when I realized it was lifted, and saw happiness return to their eyes.

Always a week behind

I’ve modified Rule #1 of this here photo album. It used to be “Take (at least) one picture every day.” And for the most part? I do. Really. But some days I keep close and some days I don’t feel inclined. So I’ve decided to change the rule to: #1. Take a photo to represent […]

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