Home work

Technically this is not working late. That would suggest I was productive during the day, which I wasn’t. Instead of keeping normal hours, I dilly dallied with emails and organized my desk at the studio. Came home and tackled the stuff I was supposed to be doing. Well, in addition to “staging” this self portrait by setting […]

Bar cart

All the liquor that I’ve stashed in kitchen cabinets and on top of the fridge now has a home, and I’m pretty much giddy about the reclaimed space.

St. Patricks Church

I expect this view across Hoffner Park in Northside will keep getting better with seasons and time.

Christmas tree

The day started taking all of 3 minutes to pick out a tree. And ended with it all put up and stuff. Actually it ended like this, at about a quarter to two according to the clock.

telecommutin’ Friday

I close out each week working from home. This is my desk.

“No more pictures” she said.

And I obliged, putting down the camera and getting back to the good stuff: Playing games, making dinosaurs, drawing valentines and eating cookies.