Finally, a haircut

I woke up to sun breaking through overcast clouds this Saturday and made time to get a haircut.

One last push

Admittedly, another view inside my apartment isn’t very exciting. But this is where I spent the day putting final touches on future work for clients that should ease things along. Luckily everything my cat needs is automated, from feeding to playtime. (Kidding, I let her sit on my lap when I’m working.)

Reflecting on the future

I had grand ideas to write a big entry about what is about to happen, but there was SO MUCH TO SAY that I didn’t know where to begin. But it’s happening and I want to pour out as much as I can. The Haile Fellowship So I applied for a Fellowship through People’s Liberty in […]


Got my first root canal. It was surprisingly not horrible; 45 minutes with barely any discomfort during the procedure. The next day however, the area is swollen and a bit tender. Had a interesting talk with the endodontist about drill bits and files, how new materials offer greater flexibility. Lots and lots of files… Then […]

Raiding the medicine cabinet

Day 3 of head/chest cold.

The highlighted days

This is George, the Suder’s Art Store cat. I stopped by to pick up some highlighters and a few art supplies that I’ll store in an art supply box to collect dust. (It’s a great store, really. They have sign painter paint.) My goal with the highlighter was to print out some calendars and make […]

Olan Mills field backdrop #2

I love the colors of the fields this time of year driving to the studio. I should mention there was lots of wind filling out my shirt.

Self portrait with infinity mirror

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