Chili dip

Always a hit—even with fat free cream cheese, which weirds me out a little because it seems suspect. I know, it looks gross too.


I’m still kind of, but not as obsessed with Snickers varietals as I used to be. This Crisper is good, akin to a Whatchamacallit. In related news of inflating midsections, they’re now able to do four color printing on those lawn decorations. We are entering fancy times.

Maifest Covington

Twins with elephant ear.

Rain, maps and a really bland breakfast ”taco”

Super dig these maps by Herb Lester Associates. S’been rainin’, a lot. One bite. Then I put it back in the bag.

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This photo means I was across the street at Burger King doing horrible things to my intestines. I’m working through the shame. In other news, I sent off concepts for a western themed wedding invite this day. The positive reaction from the grooms brightened an otherwise rainy day.

Cereal aisle

I didn’t buy any of these cereals, but for a split second, I almost considered that chocolate Krave crap. Instead, I stuck with the plan and just got ingredients for potato soup and some steel cut oats. Bonus photo? Edie really digs listening to Pink Floyd.

My shame never-ending

I went through a Burger King drive through. Can’t get my act in gear to get up early and make breakfast. I’m going to work on this.

A slow cooked meal

My new joint didn’t come with a microwave. I can’t think of anything outside of melting butter quick that requires one.

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