My barber was also hoping for snow: It did not arrive, but that didn’t stop me from treating Saturday like a snow day, filling out the afternoon snug under a blanket on the couch, playing a videogame while my cat watched. Oh, I also made brisket and turned it into barbecue sandwiches.

Construction continues

The Depot is getting framed out and the first stages of utilities are being integrated between inspections and whatnot. It’s a process. There’s lots of sawdust.

Dropping off supplies for the oncoming snow that never came

Milk and bread. That’s all my mom wanted before the winter storm hit and I was braving the grocery store. Dropped things off and chatted for a good while, having one of those conversations you may find yourself lucky enough to have with a parent. Thinking out loud over the challenges and joys of life […]

A few inches

Laurel Court

When my mom and I go out for lunch, we often pass by this mansion in College Hill. I pulled in as the sky was clear and wanted to make a mental not to find out more about the house. An excerpt from CincinnatiViews: This mansion is called Laurel Court. In 1894 Peter G. Thompson […]

Recreating Carol

Maury’s. Burger night. Recreating scenes from the movie Carol.


I think the new Volvo XC90 is quite handsome. It’s totally not in my price range, and the cost of ownership and service alone would push it even farther over that line. But it feels so decidedly restrained and not over-designed like so many vehicles of late, with their floating rooflines and swooshy lighting elements. […]

IKEA rocks

Literally, these are just rocks in the IKEA parking lot. I didn’t have the wherewithal to snap a proper photo inside, because it was absolute mayhem.