Other people’s pets

Part of an ongoing series.

The other seed bombs

I’m going to have to alert Maya of the competition.

Basketball season

House of Cigars


I’m merely documenting a peculiarity of fashion among a small percentage of youthful men today. Thing is, my lack of ass makes this a side effect I try and overcome. Thus my love of suspenders.

Library Card

I left my copy of Armistead Maupin’s The Days of Anna Madrigal in the seat plane pocket on vacation. My neighbor Joe told me I should get a library card and finish off the last few chapters that way. Worked like a charm.

The birds of the Wal-Mart parking lot

I was actually shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods but Wal-Mart sounded better in the title. Also? There was a nice sunrise this morning.

Edie, in carrier

Edie is resistant to change. She’s especially not fond of being in a cat carrier, in a vehicle. Normally she’s very quiet, just chirping every once in a while. But in this scenario, she’s full on wailing. Hurts me so, but at least while I was on vacation she was well taken care of by […]

Chris, Ed, Chris

Reflection, Newport Kentucky.