eighth blackbird

Shared a pint with Michael of eighth blackbird while his ensemble mates performed with other local musicians at the Listing Loon in Northside.

The Grand Budapest Hotel and museums

Caught The Grand Budapest Hotel which felt like Wes Anderson iterating on prior themes with precision and delight. Quite enjoyable visually, and the story clipped right along with nary a hiccup. Todd Pavlisko: Crown at the Cincinnati Art Museum. (Bullets whizzing by iconic works from the permanent collection and into this bronze cube above. Below? All the coins […]

Bonnie Prince Billy and then some

Another one of those days so chock full of good stuff, it almost doesn’t make any sense when you recount it. Above? Bonnie Prince Billy kicking off the second night of MusicNow with an intimate set that grabbed right ahold of your heart.

Intersections of awesome

Ran into Andrew Neyer at MiCA today. This is an intersection of awesome in my book. I seriously dig and admire all of Andrew’s work, which defies falling neatly into any single category. And Carolyn and Mike have made a wonderful shop that I’m proud to have product in. Things are warming up nicely in the neighborhood […]

One Lytle Place

The view from Bellevue Park

A friend in town inspired my first visit to Bellevue Hill Park.

Bear in sweater and a bunch of watches that look the same

Hastily hung this bear Zoo Portrait with scotch tape until I can frame it. My shame is palpable, but he watches over me while I work from home. In other news, I’m trying to wear a watch to be more mindful and rely less on my phone. So I dug up all my old watches […]


First snap with a new lens: a Canon 40mm f2.8 for the big gun—a Canon 5D Mark II that usually collects dust. This takes the behemoth and makes it feel anew and comfortable to lug around. A reasonably priced, great performing piece of glass.