I know, it’s ridiculous. But in my defense, the case was a present from my friend Heather. (It is from Madewell, but seems like it’s no longer available.)

The shadows look like waves

Digging the winter and light this morning.

Why, sure

To celebrate Black History Month, Kroger invited artisans and makers into stores to share their goods and stories. It’s a welcome side of humanity moving through the market. Marilyn inspired me to come back in after loading groceries in my car. I asked to take her portrait and she flashed a beautiful smile and said, […]


Every once in a while Tom gets some music in the mail that’s packaged so nicely that we ooo and ahhh and remind ourselves we really need to produce the Pure album and also make another one. In this case, it was a Merzbow CD release that initiated the conversation. Tangent lyric from childhood cropping up: […]

Trivia Night 2014

Another Trivia Night in support of McGuffey is in the books. Our team ‘80’s Mall’ didn’t win, but we had fun dagnabbit. Paul and Amy transcend time, bringing selfies back a few decades. I need to ask Zan what was jammin’ on her Walkman™. Excellent crowd. Capped it off with cake.

Crossing paths

My brother had just visited friends who had a baby and I had just gotten a free melanoma screening (all clear!) and we met each other at the pay gate of the parking garage. It is a very small and often wonderful world. Sidenote: If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to get a free melanoma […]

Republic street

Snowbound haircut