My memory slips

Usually I can remember the day just by a photo. In this case, I couldn’t figure out which movie we saw, so I emailed Tom. Trick question, he replied, and rattled off every flick on the marquee and who he saw them with (or not). Apparently we just had dinner this evening. This serves me right for […]

Makers issue of Cincinnati Magazine

An honor to be in the “Made in Cincy!” issue of Cincinnati Magazine. The best part though was learning about other folks making things in the area. You can likely read the text in this enlargement.

Lectric Leopard

Abe Magnet by Aesthetic Apparatus

Abe Magnet, by Aesthetic Apparatus. A new and cherished print that will be framed for sure.

Game night

Went over to my friends house for an evening of videogames. I became smitten with the visual style of Ni No Kuni, likely the prettiest Japanese RPG I’ve ever seen thus far. So entranced I picked a copy up, only to realize I’m really bad at JRPGs. Pictured above? The equally impressive Wizard’s Companion book […]

Mardi Gras in MainStrasse

Small turnout on this cold February night, but there were colorful characters all around.

Mom and the Shepard Fairey mural

A bit of the Aung San Suu Kyi mural, and mom.


The corner of 12th and Vine. Awesome store.