Sharon Van Etten

I’ve seen Sharon Van Etten perform at the MusicNow Festival, which was awesome. But it was a treat to see her expand with a solo set as she rolled again through Cincinnati. Ever been to a concert and you swear a musician is looking right at you. The lyric intensifies and all of a sudden […]

Proud Buckeye

Also proud of the residents in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington who voted for equality of love and family.

Always a pleasure

The results may vary, but the process of voting fills me with excitement every single time.

X-ray in use

Time for the yearly check-up. It’s a process. The results take a while to collect, and I’ve learned to roll with it. Focus on the moment. Stay occupied with projects enjoyable. Spend time with people you love and love you even when you’re annoying.

Sanpshot duel

Celebrated Cathy’s birthday with barbeque and all the fixins, the best of which was the cooked cabbage. If you’d have asked a younger me if I would ever like or even desire cooked cabbage, I would’ve adamantly said NO. I should also mention, of my list of loathed foods: artichokes, olives, and dried coconut — […]

Deck the mall

Upcoming R.Ring tour

My friends Kelley and Mike’s band R.Ring is doing pretty dang well, and I dig ‘em, lots. They’re heading to Europe next year and needed an image to make an announcement. After plunging the coffee this morning, the globe in my apartment spoke to me.


One day after revisiting this album and already with the questionable content. Today was spent getting things in order. Also? Freaking out a little because all my backup drives are full. That’s being remedied, but for now I just have to delete old movies and installers that are hogging up space. Side goal: Considering ways […]