Woke up on a train chugging though green countryside and the hint of a large body of water in the air. The next leg of our journey would take us to Sevastopol, a fair sized city situated in the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. For the next few days we’d have good tour guides, a […]

Travel day

I have to admit, the Egg McMuffin in Ukraine is tons better than the US version for some reason. The crop of this bus photo provides a small glimpse at the comfort level inside. The brand spanking new train terminal at Donetsk, ready for throngs of football fans. Also not quite ready, but it should […]

Soledar salt mines

A bus ride out of Donetsk gets you to Soledar, a small town famous for salt mining. Our tour kicked off with a ride down an elevator 300 meters or so (about 1000 feet) to a closed section of the mine. This was the first moment in my life where I realized I might be a […]


Ukraine state arms (The Trident) on the county hall building. To Donbass Liberators (above) – a monument commemorating those that fought in WWII. New for Donetsk? A freshly built Donbass Arena for the Euro 2012 Football Championship. It’s big. Because of this huge event, the entire city is being transformed. Buildings being constructed, gardens planted, walls […]


Not long for the Euro soon we’d be using Hryvnia to pay for things.

The first day of the tour

First stop was technically Chicago, but only for a few hours. There I met up with the first of 6 other travelmates, Todd. He helped me sort out a baggage issue and we shared a brew. Then we arrived in Munich some 8 hours later. Me? A little worse for the wear. Passed fields of […]


Next stop? Germany.


When I walk to my car in the morning, there’s usually someone working in the repair shop across the way. If there’s sun left in the evening, they might be sitting around the alley in lawn chairs, shootin’ the breeze. From what I can tell they’ve got a few things going on over there: pride […]