Killer ring

I’m not sure if killer is the right adjective. Others that came to mind: awesome, sweet, and kickass. Hand-forged by this excellent fella named Geoffrey.


I like the tidy, simple aesthetic that’s popping up in restaurants these days. Maybe it’s because I really enjoy neutral colors that let content (food) take center stage. I bullied our table into splitting food at this joint called Piccino which had a special Easter menu. It was solid enough, but I want to go […]

A wedding

As weddings go, this one was stellar. An excellent setting, a great band, super tasty grub, and there was a reflection of the couple in every design and detail. I’m also still replaying the taste of  the best banana cream pie I’ve had in my entire life. No exaggeration. (It was from Mission Pie and […]

Losing track of where I am

Looking out the bathroom window. The day started out in Eagle Rock, over to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (a perfectly sized airport), and then back up to San Francisco. Breakfast at Señor Fish was super solid. If I were one to write reviews on other apps and webthings, it would be favorable. Alas, I’m […]

The Getty Center

I’m often whining to do touristy things and I finally got my wish this trip and went up to The Getty Center in LA. The space was glorious, especially outside. And Los Angeles does have a lovely light about it. The exhbits of the museum left me wanting though. The photography installations lacked scale. Flow […]


California poppies

Driving down I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I almost lost my wits seeing the poppies in bloom. Wow. Which reminds me, it’s pretty awesome to tool down the road and have the backseat to yourself. That way you get the view from both sides. I’m making a mental note to give up shotgun […]

Digo, Erik, Karl, orange car

These are random photos from the evening and morning that I wanted to keep, log, tag, and whatnot. Above? Digo healin’ up. ▲ ▲ Rockin’ the capris. ▲ Erik & Karl ▲ When in San Francisco, it’s important to take a photo all tilted and make everything look wonky. Required for all tourists. Guilty.