Draw Something

Every once in a while, a game comes along that pushes every button I have in a good way. Like the time you figure out the physics of Angry Birds, there are games that have the right amount of polish and playability. There have been  others, like: The Last Rocket Frenzic Coin Drop (iOS, Android) […]

An excuse to be creative

Tom and I took a little bit of time on Friday to create our own concepts and print them before the work whistle blew. You know how an idea is better in your head than in reality? … Essentially my concept was very low brow with mixed entendres. At the end of the day, it […]

Beckon wealth and good fortune

Snapped these Maneki Neko down at Lime in Covington. Sidenote: I believe this is the first time I’ve put an animated gif on this album proper. To learn more about this file format and stuff, here’s a six minute video on the matter. (Warning: people in the video say “Jif” casually.) Other Sidenote: Looks like […]

It is time for stormy weather

Those moments when the moon is undeniable

It looks small in this photo, but in real life the moon seemed huge.

Brown tissue paper

Needed a photo of crinkled tissue paper for work. Everything online either had watermarks or were too small to get a sense of how the concept might play out, so this is what came of that.

Chuck E. Cheese

The phone rang and it was nephew. Want to go to Chuck E. Cheese? You might see a theme here… Friends and family ask me to do stuff and I say yup. I’m usually game. Turns out? Chuck E. Cheese has pretty decent pizza. And if you go on a weekday for lunch, you pretty much get […]

Her first 3D movie

My friends took their whole family to see The Lorax in 3D and I tagged along. Turns out, it was the first 3D film the youngest had seen and boy was she enthralled. During the previews she kept saying, “Wow!” and reached her hands out the the screen. Ah to have young eyes full of […]