The start of a darkroom

Saturday, December 9, 2017


We’ve had a darkroom at Wire & Twine for years to make our screens, but never the capability to do black and white photography prints.

Today? All the pieces we’ve been collecting over the years came together and I poured my first batch of processing chemicals and met with general success, printing photos directly from my phone onto the paper.

These would form the take home gifts for everyone that sent in a photo to the Wonderful Moment project.


Friday, December 8, 2017

As part of the People’s Liberty Intermission, Sam Conover had an evening called “Noted.”

She asked folks to send in “positive, uplifting words, quotes, reminders and doodles of why we do what we do” and then put them on Post-It® notes all over the space downtown.

Edie, on Eames inspired chair

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Edie on chair

When work fills up the day, sometimes I realize I haven’t snapped a photo yet. Then I see Edie and think, this will have to do.

Corps workout

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Wonderful Moment

I know exactly when posting starts to slip around here. It’s when I’m packing the days with lots of work.

In this case, pulling together photos for an event where folks sent in a photo that represented “A Wonderful Moment“.

Response was fantastic, in part because I think we’re in need of a little more wonderful these days… And yes, I’m referencing the messed up split in society where facts are twisted and our country is being led down a very dark path that feels devoid of love for our fellow man, health, education, and planet.

So yeah, it’s been nice to pull together these images. More on that later.

I also sent off The Price Hill Edition into production on this day. Momentous in itself because there were so many contributors for this neighborhood photo collection.

More on that later too!

The Price Hill Edition

A remnant of Blink

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Broke bread with Danielle from The Speak Easy and Michael from green|spaces thanks to People’s Liberty bringing in folks from various organizations around the country to simply share ideas. Had a blast. Ended up walking through this alley and saw a remnant of Blink by

Kroger Meal Kits

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kroger Colorado-Style Pork Chili Meal-kit

This is not a sponsored post.

I’m kind of into meal kits. I’ve tried lots of them.

If you’ve hung out with me recently, you’d likely heard me blather on about these Kroger Prep+Pared kits. (Prep+Pared. I stutter and gag every time I try and speak that brand name. I even dislike typing it out.)

Anyway, it’s like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, but with more prepared ingredients (rice is pre-cooked, most vegetables are pre-cut) and no shipping cost or containers.

For me, this is all about efficiency. I don’t like wasting cilantro. Coconut milk never comes in the right sized package. I like to cook but I’m a bad meal planner.

So yeah, I’m thrilled by these and I hope they take over a big section of groceries and expand to cater to a variety of dietary needs (like high protein for instance).

This Colorado-style Pork Chili? It was good, but needed hot sauce and I added some instant potatoes to make it thicker.

I tend to take photos whenever I cook because Mise en place and all.

See more kits with some mini-reviews:

Kroger Mealkits

Living Room

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Let’s try this “before and after” plugin…

My fireplace is now hooked up. Hat tip to Bromwell’s. Now my living room feels complete.

Another tip of the hat to John Senhauser Architects for transforming the building.

The Swing House

It’s rare when art and architecture cross paths so firmly as to elicit goosebumps and absolute joy. The Swing House opening did it for me, and I’m pretty sure by my mom’s expression, she loved it too.

What is The Swing House? A three-story home in Camp Washington where all floors have been removed, the walls reinforced with steel beams, and a single swing has been installed in the middle of the space. It’s a project by Mark deJong. The Contemporary Arts Center says of him, “In concert with previous projects such as Circle House in Camp Washington and Square House in Northside, deJong turns renovation, restoration and residential revitalization into a transformative art.”

There’s also an art exhibit in the basement that uses leftover materials from the building in sculptural pieces:

Here you can see more of the scale of this seriously amazing place:

More of the basement installation:

Small world: Ran into fellow fellow Brad Cooper of Start Small Homes :

Might be hard to see here, but note how most of the furniture doesn’t touch the ground:

Oh, there’s a full bath in the basement. Word is, this will turn into an AirBnB. If that’s the case? I’ll be scheduling a staycation someday to swing to my heart’s content.


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